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Springfield clothes 20 to 35 year old men and women who have a relaxed way of living and understanding fashion.


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Grupo Cortefiel’s most youthful and urban brand was set up in 1988 as an alternative to traditional men’s fashion stores. Based on a philosophy of ‘basics at unbeatable prices’, Springfield opened its first store on Madrid’s Calle Bravo Murillo, a prime location just a few minutes from Glorieta de Cuatro Caminos.

The fabulous response to the launch of this brand led the firm to expand its basic range, introducing collections in keeping with the latest trends. Since then, the brand has enjoyed steady and sustained growth. The launch of the women’s collection in 2006 was a milestone event in the firm’s development.

Springfield Man & Woman targets young men and women aged between 20 and 35 with a relaxed outlook on life and fashion. Each season the brand observes, combines and adapts the hottest trends, creating styles that are ideal for any time of day. A unique use of colour, combined with meticulous attention to the pattern, wash and design process confers the unmistakeable hallmark of a ‘relaxed casual style’ on all its creations.

The brand embarked on its international expansion strategy just four years after its creation, opening its first stores in Portugal. Today it is present in 66* countries and has 923* points of sale, including own stores and franchises.


*Data as of February 2017