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20 Oct


Eva González and José Coronado protagonize Cortefiel’s campaign “Algo que compartir”

Eva González and José Coronado protagonize Cortefiel’s campaign “Algo que compartir”

Cortefiel, a Spanish fashion brand since 1945, has presented its campaign for this Fall-Winter 2017 season: ‘Algo que compartir’ ('Something to share'). The film, starring Eva González and Jose Coronado and directed by film director Kike Maíllo, tells a story that connects with the public: "Who has not had a son/daughter or brother/sister who has borrowed a special garment without permission? ".

As Marie Castellvi, Director General of Cortefiel explained, "today a new stage begins for Cortefiel. In this Winter campaign we are going to discover a renewed image of Cortefiel with fashion, and following the main tendencies of the season". Marie also wanted to point out, "Through this film, the filmmaker Kike Maíllo has managed to convey the new image of Cortefiel playing with our emotions. The film is about fashion and family, with much humor and affection, thanks to the talent of Eva and Jose.”

For Kike Maillo, Goya award winner, "the idea was very good, the 'something to share' notion that gives meaning to the campaign has given us a lot to play with, and to work with an actor that any director would like in his casting and with a great new discovery as Eva González is for me, has turned out perfect".

According to Eva González, renowned model and television presenter who stands out for her natural sympathy and elegance, "Cortefiel is a firm that I really like, I feel very identified with their clothes." Regarding the campaign, "It was a unique experience, I worked with a star like Jose who is very calm and he has helped me a lot, within an environment which I am not used to; namely acting. At first I was a bit nervous but these two phenomenons, Jose and Kike, have made me feel very comfortable. What we see in the film is real life. It happens to me with my sister living in different cities. "

In turn, Jose Coronado, one of the most outstanding actors in Spain, embodies the image of an attractive man with an elegant and contemporary style. The actor stated: "the first suits I ever wor were from Cortefiel". Regarding his participation in the project he explained: "I share clothes with my son so I do not consider it ‘theft’, but a granted loan. He and I have the same way of seeing the world, we share a closet in which each one takes the jacket that best suits him for each moment.

It has been a pleasure working with Eva because she is very natural and that is the main asset needed in acting. Furthermore, she is a wonderful human being who spreads her joy and cheerful mood."